Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Mosquitoes are a great nuisance. They ruin the peace and ambience of any room not to mention that some of the species of mosquitoes carry diseases. Mosquitoes usually reside in damp and cold places, especially where this is stagnant water which facilitates them to lay their eggs and increase in number. This makes your yard the most suitable place for mosquitoes to reside, reproduce and stay because they are getting their food, ample space to roam and place to breed. To ensure a healthy environment, you must ensure that your yard is mosquito and bug-free. This is why necessary steps must be taken to remove their presence on your yard.
For the sake of peace and health, mosquitoes should be rid of from your yard. This article will help you in providing tips to remove the annoying mosquitoes out of your yard.

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Don’t let water stand:

Mosquitoes mostly reside and lay their eggs in stagnant water, usually the water standing in the tubs and buckets that may be present in your yard or natural holes in which water may be accumulated. Make sure to trip the water tubs and drain the water out of all the containers so that there is no place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and reproduce.
Mosquitoes usually require stagnant water so all standing water which is of no use should be drained and bowls for pets should be kept indoors. The main question arises what to do with the water in pools, birdbaths and bowls for animals roaming outside. For the sake of such water which cannot be drained then it should be properly maintained and chlorinated so that the mosquito larvae dies while being harmless to fishes, birds, cats, dogs and humans.
Fountains can also be installed in outside water so that it never stays still to facilitate the mosquitoes.

Cover tarps, machines and holes:

Tiny holes, yard maintaining machine and tarps should be adequately covered with a cover as during the rainy season water can accumulate in these compartments and facilitate the growth of these mosquitoes. Tiny holes made by corrosion or removal of any stationary structure resulting in a gap on the yard should be covered immediately because such gaps can quickly get filled with water when it rains or when you water your plants.

Changing lights in your yard:

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Mosquitoes are attracted by incandescent lights so these should be avoided to use in your yard; instead, you can use LEDs, fluorescent lights, sodium lamps or bug lights to keep the mosquitoes away from your yard at night.
You can also hang a bug zapper to zap any incoming mosquitoes, which consists of a light that attracts bugs to come towards it and zaps them by electricity so that these bugs do not annoy you while you chill in your yard.

Maintain your yard:

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Maintaining your yard is also an essential component in avoiding mosquitoes in it. Maintaining includes regularly cutting grass, grooming your plants, removing weeds and clean any debris or a filled gutter or fix any sewerage problem. This is because mosquitoes live and grow in filth and spread this filth, so it is necessary to be on a lookout for any exposed gutters and be sure to cut long grass and keep your yard clear of weeds.
Yard maintenance is also a need if you want to repel mosquitoes as long grasses and weeds help in the growth of mosquitoes and provide housing to these bugs. You can also install a bat house which helps to keep the number of mosquitoes under control as bats eat mosquitoes by the ton and keep their population under control. You will notice the drop in the number of mosquitoes drastically after installing a bat house in your yard, but make sure to hang it in a sunny place.

Place Repellants in your yard:

Plants from the mint family are natural repellants of mosquitoes like Lantana, lavender, lemon balm, lemongrass, Ageratum, etc. While some plants like catnip, basil, lavender, rosemary, Geranium, Citronella and Marigolds give off a strong aroma that repels mosquitoes naturally while also being ornamental pieces for your yard to increase the appeal of your yard.
You can also get some repellants from the gardening store like cedar mulch which is used to soak up extra moisture and repel mosquitoes because of the cedar oil present in its components which is a natural repellant of mosquitoes. While there are also many chemicals, exist which are harmless to the plants but are used to repel mosquitoes when sprayed on plants in your yard such as pyrethrin and pyrethroid sprays which are synthetic pyrethrin. Some of these repellants also act as fertilizers to improve the fertility of the soil, repelling mosquitoes and facilitating the growth of your plants.
These repellants should primarily be used in the summer season when the mosquitoes infest the yards in bulk.


Mosquitoes are annoying creatures, and they multiply by hundreds per hour, if their population is not kept under control, they will overpopulate the planet and will be even more of a nuisance than they already are. Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they also carry diseases which are nothing to be risked, this is why it is crucial to keep your yard mosquito free and take measures to ensure that you are free from disease and the peace and tranquillity of your yard is maintained.
Keeping the yard under consideration, you must also ensure that your windows, doors and nets are correctly closed and there are no gaps through which these mosquitoes can make their way indoors. The key to avoiding mosquitoes is by making sure there is no standing water in your yard as stagnant water is the primary place for mosquitoes to reside and lay their eggs. So it is best to install a fountain always to keep the water in motion or treating the water with animal safe mosquito repellant chemicals to kill their larvae. Hopefully, this article will help you in keeping your yard safe from mosquitoes.

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