Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Fans are truly a blissful invention of mankind. It literally seems like a gift of heaven especially for those people who live in the areas where the temperature goes over 30 degrees centigrade and above. Some people get used to this scorching heat, and some strive their best to overcome it. However, the need for fans in those areas can’t be denied or ignored. Don’t you want to sit comfortably on your porch and relax with your family? Are you worried about the boiling temperature melting your skin off? In such a case, best outdoor ceiling fans come to your rescue. The cool breeze it creates feels like a blessing in disguise, and you surely don’t want to miss that. Considering its importance, one crucial aspect while looking for the best outdoor ceiling fan can be quite tricky. We are providing you with the list of different outdoor ceiling fans along with their features and description to make the shopping easy for you. Let’s plunge into reviewing the best outdoor ceiling fans based on their properties.

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788ORB Carrera Grande

This is one of the highest ranked models. One of the best features is the use of less than 33 watts of electricity that saves your cost on electricity bills. You can select the blade of your choice of up to 72 inches while an oil-rubbed bronze housing makes it look attractive as well as durable. It comes with easy installation and a 6speed LED wall control receiver that makes it easy to operate.

Casablanca Fan Company 55051

The classic yet trendy model is best suited for your porches, sunrooms, and patios. It comes with 5 wood-blades and a Direct Drive motor that enhances its durability with unparalleled power and maintains silent performance. The stainless steel hardware prevents it from rusting; hence, best suited for your outdoor ceilings. Its 13-degree blade pitch ensures the ideal air movement. The reversible motor allows altering its modes in summer and winter seasons from downdraft to updraft mode respectively. It can be easily installed and easily adjustable on any ceiling with its universal wall control feature.

Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

One of the highest ranked outdoor ceiling fans is Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan that is typically used for medium to large spaces. The attractive wicker design with 52-inch blades and 12-degree blade pitch gives it tropical appearance and is best suited for medium to large areas. One of the unique features is its ability to rotate warm air in winters due to its 4-speed reversible motor. Control system is quite easy with adjustable on and offs. Installation is facile and easy.

Prominence Home 50345-01 52″ Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The damp-rated, four-bladed sleek modern-designed ceiling fan is the perfect choice for gazebos, balcony, garages, porches, and breezeways. The multiple hanging options with tri-mount compatibility makes it easy to be hung on different types of ceilings. The 3-speed motor it comes with is reversible and is conveniently quiet.

Westinghouse Brentford 52-Inch Aged Walnut Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The model comes with five 52-inch blades with 3 speeds and is perfect for both outdoor and indoor. The glass lanternstyle light and dark walnut finish adds to its attractiveness. It comes with the silicon steel motor with triple capacitor and a lifetime motor warranty.

Choosing the best outdoor ceiling fans can be hectic but long-lasting effort. However, while selecting the best fan for your ceiling, consider the fact that a good fan will improve the air circulation in your space and make it more comfortable. While choosing the right fan, some essential key points should be kept in mind like the size and space of the designated area, ease of installation, “wet-rated” and “damp-rated” environments and visual appearance. Choose wisely!

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